Introduction to On-line Research & Computer Database Techniques



Course Description:  Students will learn how to research topics and academic subjects in a myriad of ways that can help them in the workplace and for their continuing educational opportunities.  The course will teach techniques to students, so they can ask appropriate and timely questions, to create many cross-curricular projects from start to finish.  While working and using computer skills that will further a new intellectual capacity for today’s kids in a 21st Century technology-based culture.  More and more studies show that college freshmen are not able to use libraries and resources to create and complete a research project in college. Further, the course will enable students to work with other school teaching staff and become a mini-scholar on topics they choose, even if undergraduate work is not their goal right now. This elective course seeks to develop computer techniques, work skills, and critical thinking talents for students that will help them and their families for decades to come.  The whole class will try to create life long learners that can research, access new and pertinent information in an information age, and produce many presentable products from their fresh skills in a concise and innovative way for the world to understand a new informed perspective.

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