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Parent Homework 2015-16

Social Contract

Nurture Shock

Greater Good



7th grade personal notebook example.pdf

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Notebook Rubric 8/22

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Close Reading Strategies


8th Grade United States History

7th Grade World History

World History/GEOGRAPHY
10th GRADE
sections A & B [Mt.Sac Summer 2015]

Government 12th

Introduction to On-line Research & Computer Database Techniques

Economics 12th

SPHS Summer School

Through education we are always trying to create a better world.  To leave it better than we received it is our goal.  For us to be able to create and build a community of great thinkers for peace, love, and happiness in the world through the study of the Humanities: history, art, philosophy, economics, government, etc; which is a very difficult task!  Think of this website as an experiment in cross-curricular ideas to connect up as many course subjects as possible to help integrate the information for ALL students.  We hope that all of us want to know more, understand more, and grow intellectually, filled with wisdom.  Please search and discover more to become a life-long learner.  Take care and Good Luck!

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